For camping and self-catering holiday accommodation in Mozambique, Nhabanga Paradise is the best destination


From Pretoria, Take the N4 east towards Witbank. From Witbank continue on the N4 towards Nelspruit. After reaching Nelspruit continue on the N4 towards Komatipoort. Once Mozambique has been entered through the border post at Komatipoort continue along the N4 (becomes EN4) towards Maputo. After passing the tollgate at Maputo take the Xia Xia turn off (EN1) to the left. When reaching Marcia (Approximately 190km from Maputo) take the Bilene turn off to the right. When reaching Bilene (34 km from Marcia) take the first exit to the left of the circle. Turn left at the T-junction next to the flee market. Take the first exit at the next circle (at Palmerias resort) and continue straight on this dirt road. (Deflate tyres to 1bar) Continue along the unpaved sandy road around the lake for ?19km. Look for the Nhabanga paradise sign on the left. When not driving a 4x4 it is recommended to store your vehicle at the available 24hr secured facility in Bilene and crossing the lake by ferry to Nhabanga paradise. Pre-arrangement is required.

Useful Info

Note amendments to Transport law:

1. You are not allowed to have your arm resting on the door with window open.
2. You are not allowed to stow baggage on the back seat.
3. You are not allowed to drive with flip-flops or barefeet.
4. You have to have two Emergency Triangles in vehicle.
5. You have to have a reflective vest within reach in the vehicle.
6. When smoking, it is required that the vehicle is fitted with a fire-extinguisher.
7. No alcohol is allowed in the passenger part of the vehicle.
8. Under age children must be in child seat with seat belt.


Visitors have to have been vaccinated against yellow fever and be in possession of the certificate. While in Mozambique precautions to avoid mosquito bites should be taken. Even though many areas are not high risk areas, when queuing at border control points and shops you can risk coming into contact with mosquitos carrying malaria. In case medical assistance is required, clinics are available in the main cities.


Local water at the lodge is safe, however bottled water is readily available if you prefer to buy mineral water.


The local voltage is 220/240V 50Hz.


From Mozambique, international direct connection is available through the international code or telephone operator. From abroad dial 00 258 followed by the number required. There are three mobile operators, Mcel (Mozambican operator) numbers start with 82, Vodacom Mozambique numbers start with 84 and Movitel numbers start with 86.


Internet is widely available. The main method to connect is through mobile internet connections.


New Year’s Day: 1st January
Hero’s Day: 3rd February
Women’s Day: 7th April
Worker’s Day: 1st May
Independence Day: 25th June
Lusaka Agreement Day: 7th September
Armed Forces Day: 25th September
Peace Day: 4th October
Samora Machel’s Day: 19th October
Christmas Day: 25th December


Police: 119
Ambulance: 117

The Mozambican currency is the Metical (MZN). Exchange is easily done in the many exchange agencies and banks. US Dollars and Rands (South African currency) are accepted in most places, as well as Credit Cards.


On the magnificent coast of Mozambique, about 180km north of Maputo, you will find Bilene, home of Nhabanga Paradise.

If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, Bilene is the place to be. The seawater in the lagoon offers calm and often shallow spaces where holidaymakers can relax and soak up the sun. Unspoilt beaches, 15km of lagoon, forests and bush trails awaiting to be explored

The view from Nhabanga Paradise is one of peace and tranquillity with lush vegetation and white sands to feast the eye on.

Useful Info


All visitors are required to have a visa except those from the following countries: Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. A single visitor’s visa for 30 days can be obtained at arrival, however it is highly recommended to get a visa from a Mozambican embassy or consulate.

During your stay, you are required to carry identification with you at all times, under the Mozambican law. However, we advise that instead of the original document that you carry a certified copy, which is also acceptable.

Upon entry a temporary import license is required, this is acquired at the border. The temporary imported vehicle cannot be sold or lent, and the documentation must be present at all times.

Documentation required when driving a foreign vehicle in Mozambique Before going on trip to Mozambique: Apply for a border letter from your insurance company to allow the use of the vehicle outside of SA.

Also make a copy of Registration paper of vehicle/trailer/boat. If vehicle is financed/leased, apply for border letter from the financing company/bank. (Process takes 3-4 days)

At border post:

Obtain a third party insurance at border. R220 per vehicle for 30 days. R110 for trailer/boat.
Get the temporary import document at border for the relevant vehicles.


Ressano Garcia: 06H00 – 22H00 – Peak Season 24 Hours
Namaacha: 06H00 – 20H00
Goba: 06H00 – 20H00 – Peak Season 24 Hours
Ponta d’Ouro: 06H30 – 17H30


In Mozambique driving is on the left hand side. Drivers must carry: Identification, driver`s license, copy of car registration paper, border letter, insurance border letter, third party insurance letter and temporary import license, which is also applicable for caravans, boats, etc. Follow the speed limit strictly – in Mozambique they do not allow for a 10km grace over the speedlimit. When stopped by Police be polite and provide certified copies of documents requested. Don’t feel intimidated and refrain from paying bribes.


If you for some reason get tired of not doing anything, you can enjoy any of the following activities offered in the surrounding area.




Fresh fruit and veg can be purchased in Bilene. Please note that no ice machine are allowed in the camp. We do however sell ice on the premises.